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Peel Region’s 2017 Truck Convoy – Auto Ex Show

On Saturday, September 16, 2017, Peel Region’s second annual Truck Convoy took place at the Powerade Centre located in Brampton, ON. PRPS partnered with OPSEU 277 to take part in the Auto Ex Show as part of an outreach program to help raise funds for the Special Olympics. This is the second year Peel Region has held the event, and this year our paramedics took part in an auto extrication demonstration and joined other EMS workers in the Peel Police Truck Convoy.

Sauga Swim Safety Day, 2017

It was Swim Safety Day in Mississauga on Tuesday, July 18, and the city held an event at the Lions Club of Credit Valley outdoor pool to help raise awareness.

It was a great turnout as many people from the community attended the event and participated in various activities set out by the club’s organizers and the Red Cross.

The highlight of the day was the rescue simulation organized by the City of Mississauga. The rescue was fashioned to demonstrate to the public the typical steps taken when saving the life of a drowning victim as well as each role that the lifeguards and First Responders play.

Michael-Jon Braaksma, a member of the Peel Paramedic Union and Primary Care Paramedic, who participated in the rescue simulation explained the importance each rescue team plays in a potential life or death situation, “each respective group will all perform the same fundamental resuscitation effort, but they may have different tools, training, and environments to consider when applying these efforts. By providing collaborative training efforts, each group can come to understand the intentions of their intra-professional coworkers’ environments.”

Peel Paramedics from Peel Region Paramedic Services, Firefighters from Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services, and the lifeguards from the City of Mississauga on hand at the Lions Club of Credit Valley all worked together to revive the drowning victim and transport him to the hospital.

“When it comes to the fundamentals, resuscitation is a skill that remains consistently the same no matter the practitioner,” said Braaksma. “In every resuscitation, the key is to provide ventilation and maintain perfusion of the patient; this is achieved through chest compressions and ventilation.”

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Regional Councillor, Martin Medeiros Visits the Rising Hill Reporting Station

On Wednesday, July 12, 2017 Regional Councillor Martin Medeiros of Wards 3 and 4 in the City of Brampton was welcomed at the Peel Paramedic Rising Hill reporting station. Councillor Medeiros had the opportunity to speak to new paramedics, discuss key issues, and get a quick lesson on CPR.

Peel Paramedic Union President, Dave Wakely and Medeiros discussed the importance of increased response time to get ambulance paramedics to the patients faster. Describing them as “superheroes,” Medeiros understands the importance that ambulance paramedics play in a life or death situation as first responders, “You tell me where we can raise awareness…if it is going to make a difference, let’s do it,” stated Medeiros.

1st Annual Artists in the Ambulance Event - March 5, 2017

When medics are not on duty saving lives, they often find comfort in music. Many of the paramedics in the Greater Toronto Area moonlight as musicians, and on Sunday March 5, 2017, the inaugural Artists in the Ambulance event showcased local first responders’ musical talents in a spectacular collaborative event. Paramedics from various areas in the Toronto, Halton, Guelph, York and Peel regions gathered at 3030 Dundas St. West to perform in a combination of solo acts, duos and band performances.

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Toronto Pride

2015 marked the Peel Paramedics’ second time marching in the pride parade. Our members and their families showed their support by donning their custom designed t-shirts. This year, all money collected (approximately $2,000) from the sale of their t-shirts will be donated to Casey house, an institution which provides palliative and supportive care for people living with HIV or AIDS.

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OPSEU Local 277 knows that patients always benefit from having MORE Paramedics, but in November, patients suffering from prostate cancer benefited from having “MO” Paramedics! Last year our fuzzy upper lips raised $3,200.

Team Captain Josh Pound says, “This is a great initiative. Paramedics in Peel are always so willing to give back, even though we know our wives have had enough by the time December 1st rolls around.”

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge allowed our Local to not only raise awareness in a “cool” way, but raise money as well.

It also gave our President Dave Wakely a chance to soak the Chief, who was quick to retaliate and return the favour by soaking Dave the very next day.