Take Action: Keep Paramedics in Caledon

IMPACT: Peel paramedic union expresses concern for Caledon

On January 15, 2019, Caledon’s Paramedics will no longer start and finish their shifts in Caledon; they will drive all the way from Brampton.

Peel’s Paramedic Union wants to bring local paramedics back to our community. We entered the profession to help people in need; we do not play politics with peoples’ lives.

Take Action: Keep Paramedics in Caledon!

OPSEU 277 does not support or endorse any candidate for office in the Town of Caledon

“The northern areas of the Region of Peel are much more rural and as a consequence of their low population density, there are relatively few ambulance calls. By choosing ambulance locations strictly in an effort to optimize response time interval statistics for the entire Region, these more rural areas would be left without consistent coverage.”

(Page 6, paragraph 3: Health Analytics Report-Evaluation and Recommendations for Capital Planning and Development of the Peel Regional Paramedic Service)