Ontario legislation gives police forces using naloxone a loophole with SIU

The province’s police watchdog could soon be barred from investigating officers who administer naloxone to people who have overdosed on drugs because of a last-minute amendment to Ontario’s new police-oversight legislation.

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Peel paramedic chief, union president find compromise for ‘Slip on Your Red’ campaign

Peel paramedic Chief Peter Dundas and the local union president have found a compromise which will allow Peel paramedics to support Wounded Warriors Canada by wearing red epaulettes on Fridays.

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Peel paramedic union wants licence suspension concerns addressed in Ambulance Act review

Concerns about the driver’s licences of paramedics diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) being suspended could be addressed during an ongoing legislative review, according to the local union president representing Peel paramedics.

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